Taken out of Context N°1

Book, Concrete, Hight: 24cm, Depth: 13,5cm, Width: 20cm

Isolating a quote from a book, without the possibility to put in into context or even being able to know the name of the author or the book opens the possibility to see the passage more in a symbolic way.

This quote comes from a book about the interpretation of dreams and translates to:

Flooding – It indicates the risk of being overwhelmed by false feelings, that make the character leapfrogging, that one overestimates himself. A flood caused by the power of the sea can sometimes indicate that the dreamer is completely out of balance, where also psychological damage that requires medical treatment cannot be ruled out. (See also “river”, “sea”, “stream”, “water”.)

In the german original: Überschwemmung – Sie deutet die Gefahr an, dass man von falschen Gefühlen überwältigt wird, dass der Charakter Bocksprünge vollführt, dass man sich maßlos überschätzt. Eine Überflutung durch die Gewalt des Meers kann manchmal darauf hinweisen, dass der Träumer völlig aus dem Gleichgewicht gebracht ist, wobei psychische Schäden nicht auszuschließen sind, die nach einer ärztlichen Behandlung verlangen. (Siehe auch „Fluss“, „Meer“, „Strom“, „Wasser“.)

The piece tries to raise the question whether it is possible to see global warming and the flooding that will occur because of it rather as a symbolic representation of what is happening to the collective subconsciousness of human civilization. A sign of Mother Earth to humankind, that its way of existence is out of balance and the “psychological damage (of humankind) (…) requires medical treatment”.