Reflecting (on) Lampedusa

Mirror, electric light, Wooden Box, Width: 103cm, Height: 61,5cm, Depth: 5cm

This Broken Mirror is laser engraved and hand-scratched from the backside, allowing light to pass through in the areas where the reflecting alloy is removed. It shows the whole island of Lampedusa in the Mediterranean Sea and all human structures on it. This piece tries to speak about these symbolic strips of land which are for various reasons connected to much bigger issues, whose name is a synonym. The broken mirror wants to remind us of the distorted reflection and therefore the anonymity that such reductions produce. The south of the islands, the direction where the refugees come from is on the top, the pattern of the broken mirror resembling an arrow points down, which is on the mirror north. Reflecting (on) Lampedusa tries to talk in a subtle way about the imbalance of power between the “Fortress Europe” and those who flee war, environmental or economic catastrophe.