Reconstructed Landscape Painting, N° 2

Oil on Canvas on wooden Bord, Widht: 116cm, Height: 92cm

The material for this Reconstructed Landscape Painting comes from 5 different older, kitschy romantical Landscape paintings. These paintings which were produced in the 1950ies till the 1980ies show a generic image of whatever landscape is romanticized in the area. Since these paintings are from Austria, they all show a pristine landscape with a forest in the middle ground, a single mighty mountain in the background and either an old building or some water in the front. These different paintings were cut into Quadrats and reassembled. In this process they where just organized in a thematic way (Quadrats with the sky were placed where the sky appears in a normal landscape painting, those with water, mountain, forest or horizon as well), but they were picked randomly, to introduce chance and dynamic to the painting. The conceptual point of the painting deals with bigger, philosophical, but also practical questions of ecology and nature. Looking at the landscapes who are destroyed by industrial agriculture, mining, logging or climate change, what should be our positive alternative to the devastation. The painting speaks against the effort to try to recreate a romanticized image of nature, but rather owning the fact of human intervention in nature, creating a clearly manmade framework, but within this framework gives ecosystems the chance to create a spontaneous development.