Orthogonal Bark

Barks from different trees, Gold Leaf, Wood, Length: 59cm, Width: 81cm

Coarse woody debris are crucially important for the health of our forests the shelter myriads of microorganism, fungi and animals, nevertheless many forests are still pernickety cleaned from fallen trees. The piece tries to highlight the importance of caring for the ecosystems that keep us alive, to appreciate the clutter of a healthy forest and to see the aesthetic value of the organic imperfection. Gold is used to highlight the cracks and holes in the bark which are the entry-gates for insects and other organisms. The tree bark is only collected from dead trees and it is from 9 different species (European White Birch/Betula pendula, Sycamore Maple/Acer pseudoplatanus, European Spruce/Picea abies, Black alder/Alnus glutinosa, Wild Cherry/Prunus avium, European Beech/Fagus sylvatica, European Wild Pear/ Pyrus pyraster).