Green Capitalism kills too!

Versace wallpaper, barcodes, bullet, Width: 50cm, Hight: 40cm

In the last years, with the rise of the environmental movement and the intensification of climate change, various capitalists have discovered the possibility to promote their products in a “green” way. This greenwashing is used by various companies to ensure their consumers that capitalism and the care for the environment are connectable. But the issues of profit maximalization, and always increasing energy need makes clear that this is not possible. This piece was created as a reaction towards the military-coup in Bolivia, that was characterized by indigenous leaders in Bolivia as a “lithium-coup”. Lithium which was nationalized by the government of Evo Morales is a key component of electric cars. Also, the situation in Kongo, where various multinational companies fund rivalling militias which fight over the control of cobalt mines whose output is used in solar panels.