Faces of Ecocide

Glass, paint, Laser Engraved, Width: 30cm, Height: 40cm


Faces of Ecocide tries to give visibility to those who were killed defending the health and well-being of various ecosystems and the communities who depend on them. Every year hundreds of people are being murdered, especially in Latin America and South-East Asia because they are defending the environment. There is an incredible high number of unreported killings, which explain for example the low number of reported „environmental murders“ in the African continent. This systematic violence effects also people who are not known activists but who are simply „in the way“ of big business. It is obvious that this issue is affecting mostly people from the Global South, but even more indigenous communities are in the crosshair. Mining and logging companies, hydroelectric dam projects, big landowners who grow in industrial monocultures and their “tools” which are either criminal or rightwing paramilitaries are responsible for the huge majority of the murders. The work tries to show the real dimension of the war that is being waged on Mother Earth. This is urgent especially in a media environment where those people never get any recognition or mention and instead we need to be “informed“ about wheater Greta Thunberg travels by boat or by plane.