Anatomy of a Wildfire

Burned Black Pine branch, Bullets and Shells from WWII, Spruce Wood, Aluminium Bar, Length: 160cm, Width: 18cm, Hight: 24cm

In the area of Steinfeld in the Southern Vienna Basin, the forests burn every other year because old ammunition from WWII (the phosphorous parts) ignites the dry vegetation because of the intense summer heat. The ammunition surfaces via erosion and the circle repeat itself time and time again. The sculpture tells the story of this place where Black Pines (Pinus nigra) and various other living beings are trapped between the remnants of war. The piece also tries to show parallels to other ecosystems who suffer from the heat of human industrialized conflicts like the mine-infested Mountain forests of Bosnia, the deserts of Iraq which are polluted with the remnants of three wars and the Vietnamese jungles who still suffer from the effects of US-aggression.